Accused of being “too fat” to fit into a Poké Ball, Jigglypuff has come under fire today, as players from all over the globe have taken to Twitter to criticise the balloon Pokémon.

Jigglypuff has been told to “hit the gym, fatso” and “stop eating fat ass” in a number of insensitive tweets, directed at its weight.

The controversy comes in the midst of a Pokémon boom, which Jigglypuff now seems to be being left out of. Unwanted by many due to its size, and unable to access a gym to try and shed the extra pounds, it is unlikely that Jigglypuff will be battling any time soon.

When contacted for a statement, Pokémon’s representatives only had this to say: “We did originally consider calling it Bubblypuff because of its outgoing and carefree personality but thought Jigglypuff was more suitable because of its pudding-like nature. Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes and we think it is a big fat shame that Jigglypuff is being targeted in this way.”

Psychologist, Dr. Wang Xzand from the University of Hong Kong says, “fat shaming has been proven to help fatties lose weight. If they don’t feel bad about themselves, how will they know being overweight is unacceptable?”

Many, however, have taken to social media to defend and show their support for the curvaceous character.

Jigglypuff responded to the negativity with a scantly-clad, sassy Instagram post this afternoon stating, “Still confident, haters gonna hate…fat bottoms for life!!”