The FBI has asked for help from Irish band U2 to help get into a locked iPhone, as they seemed to manage it without a problem. 

FBI spokesperson, Frank Hanratty has personally asked for help from Bono and the rest of the gang to break into the iPhone of a terrorist in the US after Apple refused to help them break into iPhones, citing privacy issues.

‘We wanted to ask Bono and the rest of U2 for help with this, because they managed to get into everyone’s iPhones without asking anyone’s permission.’

He added:

‘Plus, not only did they manage to somehow break into and insert their own software onto millions of iPhones, they also made it very difficult to remove the offending piece of ‘music’, so these guys really are the experts here’.

Bfnn tried to reach Bono for comment but U2 are said to be unavailable at this time because they are furiously tapping at keyboards and occasionally saying ‘I’m in’.