Sustained campaign from unwashed female rights groups could see a rebrand for the Isle of Man, say reports.

Sat in the middle of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is known for its rugged coastline, its medieval castles and its position on top of the fence in matters of gender equality.

However, hairy female activists have asked Parliament to review the patriarchal overtones of the small crop of rock and salt, with early reports suggesting names such as ‘Isle of Everyone’ and ‘New Sunderland’ have already been put forward.

Gobby unemployed graduate, Amy Schnauzer, welcomed the change and told us it represents a giant leap forward for womankind as being recognised equally among men on the world stage:

“We will never truly be given all the benefits that men enjoy but if we can start by stripping society of anything vaguely-inclining to support male superiority then it’s a good start”.

It is yet to be seen if the move will have much effect on the world stage but it is believed that cats have already launched a petition against the Isle of Dogs.