Popular children’s TV drama, Fireman Sam, has this week received a record number of death threats after an episode was pulled which depicted the titular character joyously standing on a page on famous fairytale story – The Koran.

Sam, possible infidel, appears to be smiling broadly as he walks all over Allah’s good word, in an act which Britain First have yet to be take credit for.

The religious abuse has generated anger and animosity the world over (the 16 people who watch Fireman Sam) to the extent that the Committee for Needlessly Extreme Islamic Fundamentalists (CNEIF) have issued a fatwa calling for Sam to be given the chop (but not pork cos they hate that shit) once and for all.

“We consider it absolutely disgusting for a children’s show to be broadcasting blasphemy such as this”, said one boneheaded spokesthing. “Our children are very impressionable and we need to set a good standard that religious texts should be treated with respect. Whereas the heathens that desecrate them should be treated with a huge fuck off sword through the neck”.

Reports are sketchy as to Sam’s motive for this horrific act of religious genocide, but an advocate for the show told us that the cartoon emergency service man holds no ill-feeling toward any faith