People all over the country are asking to join HMRC’s new tax regime that lets you just pay whatever you want, whenever you want. 

Though companies such as Google and Facebook have been signed up to the scheme for a few years, it is only recently that regular people have realised they can also decide not to pay any taxes.

Builder Terry Jacobs from Hull told bfnn how he has been trying out the scheme for about 6 months now:

‘When I realised I could just pay tax when I felt like it, it was such a weight off my shoulders, now I just get people to pay me in cash, I don’t report it and I don’t have to pay any tax on it, its wonderful.’

It is thought Facebook has decided to pay some more tax this year in the UK as a tax write off in Ireland. bfnn’s business correspondent explains:

‘Sometimes, when you pay tax in one country, like the UK, you can pretend you did all your business here, so paying a little bit of tax in the UK means you don’t have to pay tax anywhere else, pretty great actually’ said James McKerney from the Cayman Islands.