Earlier this week, Kate and Gerry McCann – world leaders in losing their child – claimed to have “lost their temper” after animated ghost train Sharon Osborne branded them ‘insane’ for inexplicably leaving their daughter in a hotel room whilst they went out for a meal.

But now it can be revealed that negligence can strike twice, as Mr McCann has let slip to the press that he has somehow misplaced his beloved mug proclaiming him World’s Greatest Dad while holidaying in The Algarve.

It is unknown when the mug was last seen in the couple’s hotel room, but they are sure it was safe and sound before they went out to their favourite restaurant with a couple friends just a few of streets away.

“We’re utterly shocked this could possibly happen again”, said the distraught Gerry. “We were gone for less than 5 hours and for something to happen in that amount of time is ridiculous. I loved that mug. It was a reminder of what a great father I am to the kids I’m able to keep track of”.

A small search party had already been instigated in the early hours after cries of “abduction”, but so far attempts of recovery have been fruitless. It is believed that the McCann’s are intent on involving the Police in their spiralling number of investigations.

Police have since revealed ceramic chips have been found in the boot of the McCann’s rental car.

Kate and Gerry lost their daughter Madeleine in 2003 while holidaying in Portugal in a remarkably similar incident, and since then, people have more than once pointed the finger of blame at the couple for collusion.

However, Gerry insisted that he was incredibly fond of the mug and that he would never attempt to exploit it for financial gain – “that’s just lower than low”.