As the UK votes on the historic EU Referendum today, the spotlight has fallen once again on ‘Father of the Millennium’, Gerry McCann who is in support of the OUT camp.

BFNN roving reporter Scott Sellars caught up with Mr McCann outside his £500,000 home in Rothley (of which part of the mortgage was paid for by the Find Maddy fund). When asked which side he would be voting for Mr McCann was clear and adamant:

Oh I’ll be voting OUT that’s for sure. Maybe then I can have some peace and quiet and finally get these Portuguese police off my back! They’re always up in my business asking awkward questions like ‘why would you leave a child unattended for so long in an unlocked apartment?’ or ‘Why is there no evidence of forced entry or any kind of break in?’ or even ‘Why does the description given of a man carrying a child that night sound a lot like you?’.

Hopefully voting out will cut all ties with Portugal and in turn it’s police force, so they can leave me alone and focus on catching the real killer. I mean….not killer…. you don’t know she’s dead yet….we…we don’t know she’s dead yet”.

The ever frugal Mr McCann said that if OUT win he will celebrate with a lovely tapas meal with his friends, but won’t go wasting money on a babysitter.