Despite the host of attractions on offer at Orlando’s new Wizarding World of Harry Potter, everyone’s favourite know-it-all witch Hermione Granger has topped the polls as the park’s most popular ride.

Visitors to the theme park can undergo dragon and broom simulations, fly on a hippogriff, sample butterbeer and chocolate frogs and visit many of the shops and inns featured in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, but it was muggle-born Hermione that was proclaimed best value for money.

The survey was mainly taken by estranged, bored-looking dads while their fun-crazed children donned robes, hats and twigs and pretended to be their favourite characters from the books. Not one of the 40-somethings seemed remotely interested in discussing any of the million-dollar rides on display, but all voiced a keen interest in paying a visit to the thinking-wizard’s crumpet.

“She’s a bit of alright isn’t she?” one man told us with a wink. “I only watched the last two in the series with my daughter and that was just to see how Hermione was getting on. They were very crafty in how they got men to take interest in this rubbish by casting a sexy young lady in one of the main roles. Women get Ron, we get Hermione. All evens out.”

Hermione herself is yet to be seen around the park, but it’s clear from the public demand that a drop-in visit from her would be made most welcome. Many men have made their votes of confidence very well-known and it’s believed that Harry Potter superfan, and former footballer Adam Johnson voted Hermione into first place somewhere around film number four.