A Millennial has begun wearing a Spock T-shirt in tribute to the talent of the recently deceased icon, Leonard Cohen. Our reporter asked nineteen-year-old Riley “Bellend” Bellard why he was crying in the queue of Five Guys And Fries.

“It’s Leonard. I can’t believe he’s dead. I remember sitting in my highchair watching him exploring new planets and stopping Captain Curt when he was being ecological about shit, and then suddenly he’s gone. I can’t stop crying, he was a part of my childhood.

I’ve been wearing this T-shirt since I heard he’s dead, but I actually bought it years ago. Make sure to put that in. I know that loads of people are suddenly going on about how amazing he was but I honestly don’t think half of them even know who he is. Straight after he saw my T-shirt some pretentious wanker on my Uni course even showed up at one of our lectures in a Lieutenant Uhura top. Talk about missing the point, she isn’t even dead!

There’s some right twisted bastards around on Facebook too. One post had Spock dressed like some kind of tramp with the “Hallelujah” song playing over it. Rejoicing that he’s dead, how sick is that? It wasn’t even the original by Bono, it was some shitty country and western version sung by some creepy old bloke. Unbelievable.

Anyway after today I’m going to stop wearing my Spock T-shirt because everyone will be wearing them soon. I’m going to go back to wearing my Kurt Cobain from the Foo Fighters T-shirt from now on. At least until he dies, then no doubt every pretentious bastard will start wearing one.”