Netflix original political drama House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey is now so accurately predicting real life politics it is being considered a ‘Spoiler Alert’ for the real thing.

Spacey’s character Frank Underwood moves from Majority-Whip to Vice President to President without having to stand for election. A move that is eerily similar to Theresa May’s rise from Shadow Secretary of State to Home Secretary to now running unopposed as Leader of the Conservative Party and soon to be Prime Minister.

A source close to Ms May told us this afternoon she was seen look off to the side and saying:

“One heartbeat away from number 10 and not a single vote cast in my name. Democracy is so overrated.”

Whether or not Prime Minister May will have an illicit affair with a hot young ginger journalist, or will murder a Junior Minister and make it look like suicide or have numerous same-sex sexual encounters is hard to say, but it looks to be on the cards.

***DISCLAIMER this post contained numerous plot spoilers for the TV show House of Cards, if you did not want to read them, please travel back in time and stop yourself from reading this article, or alternatively get one of those Men In Black memory eraser pens and set it to just before you read this.***