Commons Speaker John Bercow is facing strong criticism for speaking in the House of Commons.

Several Tory MP’s have condemned Mr Bercow for speaking honestly and openly about his opposition to the racist and sexist views of President Donald Trump. Tory MP Nadine Dorries warned that: “honest and truthful views have no such place in the House of Commons.” And went on to add that “speaking with such purpose and integrity to help overcome inequality could tarnish the image of some of her fellow Conservative MPs.”

Another Tory MP, Nadhim Zahawi, was also in disagreement with Bercow. He told Sky News: “For hundreds of years racism and sexism have been the two sacred pinnacles of the Houses of Parliament. If John Bercow was to have his way, then we’d also have to start letting more women and darkies into the Commons; heaven forbid what disastrous impact that would have.”

However it appears Bercow’s outburst was warmly received by the opposition benches. Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner was quick (relatively speaking for an ancient, dishevelled old man) to jump to his feet and shout an inaudible rant generally believed to be in support of the Speaker. Opposition Leader Corbyn suggested that if Bercow was experiencing troubles in his workplace then he should consult his Union representative.