New research suggests that cunts everywhere are passing off their own biased, bullshit opinions as airtight, concrete fact, in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary.

“I just like to say things how they are”, one such unmitigated cunt told us. “If something needs to be said and no-one’s saying it then I will. I don’t care who I offend”. Sounding less like a social mediator and more like the sociopathic cunt they are.

Honesty has long since been admired in a society of fraud and catfishing, but it’s now patently obvious the people who actively enjoy expressing their partisan predispositions are those that don’t belong in any kind of society at all. Though if they were to be shipped off to live in solitary they would end up arguing with their own thumbs.

Groups of these prejudiced cunts – also known as ramshackles – can be found anywhere, and it is thought that one is never more than 10 feet away from such an opinionated fuck-head.

And they may not all appear the same.

Cunts can take the form of irritating, outspoken lefties who believe their slanted view society to be the only correct one; Of loud-mouthed chavs whose brains work 10 minutes behind their genitals; Of bigoted right-wing bastards whose opinions sound eerily similar to that morning’s edition of The Daily Express, and of anybody who frequents a Wetherspoons in the afternoon.

Or just anybody who frequents a Wetherspoons.

Seemingly, however, the main problem with these cunts is the lack of self-awareness. They will often try, earnestly to point out the elephant in the room without realising their bullshit take on the world is exactly what their poor, suffering group of friends is trying to avoid.