BFNN is very proud to announce the winner of its most original Facebook comment to “I thought this was supposed to be a satire site”

Facebook user Chris Fairclough, a Politics and Philosophy student from Leeds was the unlikely winner of the award, posting the comment under BFNN’s ‘Nigel Farage Tipped to be new UKIP Leader’ story on Monday 4th July.

When BFNN contacted Chris to tell him the good news he had this to say:

“Wow, I can’t believe it. I’m over the moon. Most original comment of 2016, and we are only in July, I guess they think there won’t be anything more original.”

When asked his thought process on this original comment Chris said:

“Well, I dunno, it just kind of came to me. A road to Damascus moment I guess. I’m surprised it hasn’t been done hundreds of times, on every single article BFNN puts out. I mean, think about it, it’s a satirical news site, but sometimes the satire is so close to real life the lines get blurred. So when I saw the article about Farage, and knowing he had already resigned and come back once, I was just like “I thought this was supposed to be a satire site.” I was chuckling to myself about it for a good 20 minutes after.”

Other contenders for the award included; “hahahaha lol”, “This isn’t funny :(”, Tagging a mate with the crying eyes emoji and “F***ING TORY SCUM, BURN THE F***ING LOT OF ‘UM”