It has been revealed today that a Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stepped down to be replaced by a more ‘solid and reliable’ candidate.
Though there has been a hard fought leadership election, it seems that the NEC have allowed the new replacement to take Mr Corbyn’s place, stating that its ‘obvious charm and strong leadership qualities’ allow for an exception to the rules.
The Rod, which is already being praised for its gender neutral stance, has become a hit with the PLP- as its fresh ideas and new innovation for politics are to take the Opposition to another level
“I fully support our new leader, it does very little, but is very good at sitting still for photos, so we’re halfway there really”, a senior Labour MP has stated.

Other sources have claimed that the Rod’s political mobility┬áhas allowed it to gain support from both sides of the party- as it can lean left when needed, but much like many MP’s only needs gentle nudging to lean center-right as well.

The Rod has been described in the Press as “dreary, statue-like and completely uninspiring as a leader” though most included a picture to avoid confusion with ex leader Gordon Brown.

Some sources have accused the Rod of being carried through its political career; some questioning its policy making diplomacy- such as to bend on its stance, as well as having a “positively chemical reaction when faced with several solutions.”