It was announced today that radio 1 DJ, hipster, fashionista and Britian’s 4th most punchable face, Nick Grimshaw will not be returning as a judge on ITVs Karaoke contest, X Factor.

Rumours have already began to circulate as to who Mr. Grimshaw’s replacement will be. But now, BFNN can exclusively announce the new judge on X Factor will be: Inanimate Carbon Rod!

X Factor executive producer Zayne Phillips, told BFNN:

“We are really excited to bring Inanimate Carbon Rod onboard. We needed someone more lively, more willing to voice their opinions, more critical, more entertaining and much more likeable. Don’t get me wrong, Nick did a brilliant job, we love Nick, but this is a new era for the show. Let’s put it this way, anything Nick Grimshaw can do, Inanimate Carbon Rod can do better!”

The Carbon Rod will be in the judge’s seat for new series which will begin filming in the Spring/Summer of 2016. The thirteenth series (God, has it really been that many?) of the X Factor will begin airing in August in time for the winning song to fail to get to number 1 in the Christmas charts.

BFNN managed to get a quick statement from Simon Cowell about the announcement who said, “Look, it was either have Inanimate Carbon Rod, or bring Louis Walsh back. I think we made the right decision.”

If you look forward to seeing Inanimate Carbon Rod in action don’t forget to use the hashtag #InRodWeTrust.