Craigslist is somewhat of a cornucopia of sleaze, but then you probably already knew that, if you’re up for it, you could probably make a decent amount of coin. The majority of the humour arises from the idea, the kind of gall it takes to put yourself ‘out there’ in such a manner, as opposed to the act itself.

‘will buy your shit…’

craigslist week 46 1

The title is somewhat vague, upon first glance you may be under the impression that the user has just moved house and wants to fill it with ‘shit’. That’s perfectly normal as people like filling their houses with ‘shit’. Once you read on you discover that ‘shit’ means exactly what it says on the tin: poo.

Pros: I mean once you get over the initial awkwardness of selling someone your poo you realise that you can actually make some easy money. For starters, you poo every day (you should do!) On top of that, who wants to poo in a box or someone’s mouth? Yeah, pretty much nobody, it’s a niche in the market. This means you can name your price.

Cons: You are pooing in someone’s mouth. This seems like it might be pretty uncomfortable. It’s a pretty uncomfortable thought, this person has probably done it before, do you want to hang around with a guy who likes eating poo? I just don’t know.

‘Looking for nice girls and white only pls’: this is a white guy looking for a member of the small percentage of society willing to use his mouth as a toilet for money, and he’s being picky, not only is he being picky he is also being slightly racist. I mean, I get that everyone has a type, but when it comes to eating ‘shit’ does it really matter? You’d think a man who eats ‘shit’ wouldn’t mind the colour brown.