International nuisance ISIS has been eradicated, due to swarms of Facebook users updating their profile pictures with the national flag of a country hit by a terror attack.

Following the wave of terror attacks around the globe over the past year, Facebook users worldwide updated their profile picture with a supportive image, to demonstrate the internet taking a stand against terror.

Shortly after the rallying of Facebook warriors, ISIS released a cryptic statement on the dark net announcing the group’s dissolution citing “overwhelming global unity” and “Facebook twats” as key factors contributing to this.

Gary, 27, from Essex comments: “I wanted do something to fight the terrorists and the most powerful thing I could think of was change my profile picture. A selfie of me and the lads in Maga with a French flag filter is going mess up them terrorists.”

Twitter users have also been credited with responsibility for this victory due to their comprehensive and reasoned analysis of complicated international incidents within the confines of 140 characters. Their suggestions for correct courses of action were key sources for intelligence agencies worldwide.

When the news of victory first broke, Bono quickly issued a statement crediting himself as a key figure in the destruction of terrorism.

– Luke Burgoyne