Is it believed that terrorist group ISIS have executed a 36 year old South London man for posting a negative review of a café in Mosul, a city occupied by the extremist islamists.

The TripAdvisor review of Caliphafé reads as follows:

“Ok, so, my expectations were not high to start with because of the location being in a rustic part of the city occupied by a radical militia group, but I expected the customer service to be a little better.  I really hope they pay more attention to global terrorism than they do cooking toast, because if they don’t they aren’t going to get anywhere fast. Also, if you expect them to have adequate phone charging facilities, you will be deeply disappointed – they only had iPhone 4 cables. It’s 2016!!!”

“They rudely refused to serve bacon and sausages as part of the ‘continental breakfast’, which – to be entirely honest – was average at best. Truly the worst greasy-spoon I’ve ever been to. These ISIS jokers don’t know how to run a café at all.”

It is believed the man was arrested by local law enforcement whilst asking for directions to the nearest Waterstones.