ISIS, the new Islamic state based in Iraq and Syria is to enter this evening’s Eurovision Song Contest with their hit Arabic language song ‘Jihad Me At Hello’.

In a surprise wildcard entry, ISIS will perform the hit, which has gone to the top of the charts in many middle eastern countries ahead of the live televised final, at the competition in Stockholm tonight.

The hit is the brainchild of the group ‘Mohammed and the Virgins’ which consist of 4 Islamic State fighters, all originally from Europe, who were allowed to enter the competition with special permission, along with a special entry from Australia, who are being allowed to compete now because who cares.

Although the hit is catchy and has a Frank Sinatra like ballad feel to it, it is unlikely to score well, because of the bad feelings around the conflict in Syria and Iraq at the moment. However, the Muslim vote is expected to be strong, so they may garner more votes than the UK’s entry Joe and Jake who are, as tradition dictates, pretty shit and overplayed before the competition.

Mohammed and the Virgins beat out other entries from ISIS, such as Sharia Twain – This Don’t Oppress Me Much.

People who wish to vote for ISIS’ entry can do so once all acts have performed, and they will be appearing 12th in the running order.