Bosses of ITV have been forced to apologise to shocked viewers who were subjected to the C-Bomb by Harvey Price, son of notorious vagina Katie (referred to in the Middle East as Jordan).

Confused octogenarians and the chronically unemployed were witness to Price telling the panel he thought they were “cunts” – a tirade which has gone down as the most honest and accurate in TV rant history.

Loose Women is widely known as a 60 minute coffee afternoon of women fawning like cougars over Zac Efron and discussing the menopause. Presenters include haunted waxwork Janet Street Porter and Thingytits from The Nolans, but regular onscreen appearances from such A-listers as That One From That Episode of the Bill keep the show in its primetime spot as the face of day time television.

A red-faced spokesman for the station said: “We’re shocked and appalled that a 13 year old boy painted such an on-point description of the show when it’s happily cemented an unwarranted place in the schedules for years and no-one’s batted an eyelid”.

“We apologise unreservedly for anyone that was offended and hurt by the truth that absolutely anyone associated with Loose Women is a cunt. As a flagship of ITV’s programming, it’s important we go back to pretending Loose Women is a hotbed of intense and stimulating debate – and not just a bunch of Cs sat around a table pissing our money up the wall”.

Ofcom received a high number of complaints from viewers who felt that Harvey correctly labelling the presenters was unnecessary.

“I can’t believe my ears,” came on mortified tweet.

“Secretly I’ve always known that Loose Women was run by cunts but to hear it so boldly stated in the middle of the day is completely out of the ordinary.”

The culprit at the centre of the controversy has since been unavailable for comment but his agent is allegedly keen for him to have a go on Sunday Brunch, just to hear Tim Lovejoy get called a bellend to his face.