After working late into yesterday evening, Jeremy Hunt admits he is ‘extremely fatigued’ after successfully managing to alienate and undermine doctors nationwide.  

The Health Secretary was seen leaving yesterday’s critical meeting with BMA representatives at 7:35pm, over two-hours later than his usual finishing time. After a draining three day week sitting around a table, Hunt looked visibly exhausted, and it remains to be seen whether he will be able to attend any of the remaining meetings scheduled for this week.

BFNN tried to contact Jeremy Hunt, but he was unavailable for comment. However, his secretary provided this statement:

‘It is unlikely that Mr Hunt will be returning to work for the remainder of the week. While Jeremy still endeavours to dismantle the NHS as soon as possible, he fears that his dilapidated physical-state renders him incapable of providing the best service for his loyal business-chums whom are waiting to cash-in on the NHS.’

When asked if Mr Hunt would be resuming talks over the weekend to end this debacle, his secretary replied ‘over his dead body’.