Ex-supermodel Jerry Hall, 59, has exclusively told BFNN of her love for the elderly media baron.

“He’s such a passionate man,” she said. “He can get quite breathless with passion. I like seeing him breathless. It’s a primal thing. Mick Jagger was the same, but then he gave up the drugs and got into exercise, and within months he was running round stage like a 12 year old girl in her mother’s shoes. That’s when the relationship broke down. He lost his soul. My darling Rupert has an old soul. I like that. It makes me feel secure.”

Sources close to Mr Murdoch say that he’s got no more worlds to conquer, and no longer needs to marry a local woman to expand his media empire into China. “Nah, this one’s just for him. He figured he was due for a right spunky Sheila like Jerry. Good on the bloke. What a ripper.”

The happy couple had their first public date at the Rugby World Cup final in Twickenham two months ago, and have since attended the Golden Globes together, where Ms Hall received a standing ovation and a lifetime achievement award. “She’s an inspiration to us all,” said Brandy, 23, an exotic dancer and geriatric nurse who had flown in specially to see her idol. “First Jagger, now Murdoch? At 59? She makes it possible for all of us to dream.”

Ms Hall says she first fell for Mr Murdoch when she discovered his big heart. “He has a wonderful heart,” she enthused. “His doctors say it could give out any minute.”