Job Board

BFNN continues to excel in the printing industry through the people who have helped us keep the reputation alive. It is through them that we keep all our patrons to continue doing business with us. If you believe you can be a team player and believes in our ethics, visions, and missions, then we need you. Here are our available job vacancies:

Operation Engineer (Post Press Finishing)

Required Experience: 1 year in machine setting, license in forklift

Overview: This involves the mechanical operation of the printing process. An ideal candidate must have the aptitude to take part in our “job on, job off” newspaper printing industry. We need someone who has the willingness to learn new skills while using the inherent skills to operate the printing press, including the ability to speed up with printing production and organize oneself and the rest of the team in keeping up with demands for print.

Newspaper Web Offset Printer

Required Experience: <1 year in the printing industry

Overview: This involves the off-set printing of newspapers and web materials, as well as organizing the same prints. An ideal candidate must be a team player, have organizational skills, and easily adapts to the growing demand for printed and digital products.

If you think you are up for the job, shoot us an email along with your resume to or message us on our social media pages. You can also fill in the form below.