Johnny Depp has claimed that even though he did indeed abuse his estranged wife Amber Heard, he was actually playing a character and ‘acting like someone who beats his wife’.

Accusations of domestic abuse were levied at Depp when his wife of 15 months, Amber Heard, filed for divorce at a court in LA. She has also accused the actor of being high on drink and drugs at the time, though many fans have defended this by claiming that Depp was reprising his role as famous narcotic collector Hunter S Thompson.

Depp’s fans on twitter have defended him from the accusations, with one user ‘PirateGirl420’ claiming that sometimes it’s ok to hit women if you’re in stressful careers, and that if she was with Depp, she would just put up with it and not be such a crybaby.

Depp has been ordered to stay away from the home that the two share just in case Tim Burton wants to give him any pointers on whether to go with a left hook or a right jab next.