After watching a short advertisement on British television in the break during Loose Women, Kanye West has discovered the solution to mounting unpaid gas bills with Cash4Gold by sending them several Grammy Awards he won in the past.

In a bizarre announcement on Twitter earlier this week, the multi-millionaire rapper revealed he is in millions of dollars of debt and called upon Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1bn “Kanye ideas”. The billionaire social media founder has not publicly addressed the request.

Realising that Cash4Gold were the simple, easy solution to debt-management he had been looking for, Kanye West has decided that sending unwanted gold awards to the commodities broker is his best course of action to settle his $53m of personal debt.

Kanye took to twitter to announce that he is waiting to hear back from Cash4Gold in the post with a valuation on 5 Grammys he had laying around, hoping it to be in excess of $14.