Butter-fingered parents Kate and Gerry McCann are reported to be overjoyed with their new “Maddie Go” app, a GPS controlled application with generates a simulation of their eldest daughter to follow them around in augmented real life.

Maddie Go works along the same lines as the latest craze among singular, lonely nerds, Pokemon Go, in that it works with mobile networks and GPS locators to create a real-time image of the child before she was snatched by persons or McCanns unknown.

Speaking at the launch of the app, designed by Standroid, maternal negligent Kate had this to say:

“I’m over the moon that we have our beautiful girl back in our lives in some small way. And she looks just the way we remember her that night we left her unattended and un-guarded while Gerry and I had a fucking good bit of tapas”.

Maddie Go is still in a BETA stage and is yet to be released publicly, but when it is, users will be very limited in how they can interract with the young girl, as the game aims to be as realistic as possible by reflecting Kate and Gerry’s shoddy parenting style.

A spokesperson for Standroid told us: “We feel everyone has really been on their own “personal journey” for Madeleine since she disappeared back in 2007, and this game is just an acknowledgement of that. Like the losers that play the new Pokemon game, we hope this will take user interractivity to the next level.

Work on the app is currently suspended as the sprite of Madeleine has allegedly been abducted by computer hackers unknown.

Someone check Gerry’s IP address.