Child safety enthusiasts and perpetual poly-graph avoiders Kate and Gerry McCann have hit the headlines again as they once again stand accused of murder. Though this time it’s not because they gave their child too much Night Nurse and hid the body to avoid being charged with. This time, it’s the death of satirical news website BFNN they stand accused of.

Kate and Gerry McCann have in the past been target number one for BFNN with a large number of posts dedicated to the pair. The pair have been in BFNN’s cross hairs for number of reasons. Firstly, they killed their daughter. Also they are very good clickbait, we’ll stop writing them when you stop sharing them. Thirdly the self-righteous “how would you like it if your daughter had gone missing, these McCann posts are sick, I have a sense of humour but this isn’t funny” comments are what feed us and keep us going.

Private investigators have suggested the McCanns simply snapped at the constant satirical roasting they received and did everything in their power to end BFNN.

Gerry McCann claims no involvement in a press release today:

“Kate and I have had no involvement with the death of BFNN. We have done nothing wrong; any allegations against us are totally false! All we did was give BFNN some sleeping medication and leave it unattended in an unlocked, easily accessible room outside of eye shot for extended periods of time while we ate tapas and drank wine, that’s all!”

From all of us here at BFNN, we would just like to say thank you for your continued readership and, hope you’ve enjoyed our content.

We also hope the truth about our death doesn’t get swept under the rug and the Portugese police don’t get involved.