In her column in the Daily Mail, Katie Hopkins declared she would be undergoing brain surgery to try and cure her epilepsy.

However, it seems the surgeons have found a more serious problem in their work. An official statement was made by the hospital earlier today: “We can confirm that in the first stages of the operation, surgeons reported difficulty locating the brain of Ms. Hopkins.”

“It’s the most perplexing problem I’ve seen in my career.” One surgeon, a Dr. Nick, said to bfnn. “I’m not sure what our next step will be, but we’re gathering some microscopes to do closer inspection, in case we missed it.”

Whilst they assure us that the operation will take place, there have been many outpourings of support for the controversial columnist. Others have been perhaps less supportive of Ms. Hopkins and her views, though many have wished the surgeons good luck in their task.

Although the surgical team failed to find Ms. Hopkins’ brain, they did confirm they found certain other items. A bus ticket, some loose change and a back of a TV remote were also retrieved from inside the columnist’s skull.