Controversial snake-woman and Sun columnist Katie Hopkins has been left red-faced after failing to correctly answer a series of questions put to her by a journalist dubbed ‘Who said it.. Hopkins or ISIS?’.

When asked who had referred to the ethno-religious minority Yazidi people as ‘devil-worshippers who deserve to be wiped from the face of the Earth’ Hopkins replied “Oh that sounds like one of mine, and bloody right I was too” before burping and spitting on the ground.

Then in an apparent lapse of memory Hopkins presumed to attribute her own quote about Syrian migrants being ‘cockroaches’ to radical Islamists before pausing and adding “not a bad point though, is it?”

After ten questions Hopkins had scored a total of 0/10, suggesting that there really isn’t much to separate the two ‘ideologies’ apart from, as Hopkins put it: “They all live in those smelly brown countries, and I live in ruddy England!”.

The interview was cut short after Hopkins stormed out of the room singing Rule Britannia on her way to ‘get a curry’.