Bernie Sanders took a break from the campaign trail to travel to New York City to dispel the rumour that he is actually comedian Larry David.

Apparently Americans were kicking off on Twitter as Saturday night aired this weekend when Bernie Sanders didn’t appear in the opening sequence of Saturday Night Live. He didn’t appear during Larry David’s monologue and he didn’t appear during their pre-recorded sketch “Bern Your Enthusiasm” in which the “Curb” star plays Sanders.

He did appear eventually, in a skit where he and Larry David play two men on a distressed ship headed to America. Sanders’ character, Bernie Sanderswitzky, fights Larry David’s character when he tries to get preferential treatment because he’s rich. The sketch plays off of one of Sanders’ main campaign messages about the “1%”, and pokes fun at Bernie’s so-called “socialist” values.



This whole thing has just makes us itch for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


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