Fans of neglectful parenting everywhere are today pleading with satirical news sites to please stop making jokes at Kate and Gerry McCann’s expense, arguing that the poor sods have just been through enough.

“Why do they love taking the piss out of them so much?”, said the collective social conscience of the World Wide Web. “How would THEY like it if they lost their child? It’s disgusting and frankly I feel it’s time they just laid off them. They suffer every day with what’s happened in their lavish mansion that cost a measley 1 and a half million”.

The entire contingent of child killer supporters believed that the McCanns are vulnerable to cheap shots and low blows – especially since they demonstrated their shit awful job of not losing their children back in 2007.

2016 has been a largely low key year for the couple, with only a minimal amount of police investigations, newspaper inches, TV interviews and false Maddie sightings. But that hasn’t stopped the naughty satire websites from taking their potshots every now and then.

“Ooh I have a sense of humour but that’s too far even for me”, said every well-meaning-i’m-reasonable-but-blow-me prick ever.