Onlookers were shocked today as Italian national treasure, the leaning tower of Pisa, collapsed. 

The story is still piping hot, but we are confident more reports will be topping up what we already know. The raw base of it is that the lower end began to crack and wobble at around midday yesterday; before anyone could rush to save it, the building had folded in on itself and become unrecognizable.

A reporter on the scene gave their own account. “It’s slice to see people coming together, it was a terrifying experience but luckily we are seeing lots of cooperation.” They continued, “It’s been a half and half between the fire service and the ambulance service.”

It was well known that the tower had mushroom for improvement, but it was a national icon, and the tower’s fate seems rather tasteless considering how many people enjoyed it.

Some however have decided a change in name is needed, as it no longer leans. Thus, the bungalow of Calzone has been born.