Lenny Henry was delighted to elicit the first ever laugh of his career from audiences at a Charity Gala yesterday.

Henry had just finished a long three-minute set when he made the shock announcement, causing the remaining five wheelchair users who were bottle-necked into the fire-escape to erupt in genuine, non-awkward guffaws.

He enthused, “It used to be that only talented black people won awards for their achievements, but now we’ve finally reached the stage when unfunny black actors are fairly represented too.” He then make a screamy noise a bit like a tropical bird and wandered offstage, snatching up a £50 Premier Inn voucher that was due to be raffled later on in the evening, after declaring it to be part of his award.

Henry’s set had featured some of his best-loathed characters such as the verbally abusive Chef, that berk who keeps saying, “Okay,” and  the delightfully rapey Theophilus P. Wildebeeste, so the audience were understandably utterly  shocked and amused by the announcement.

Earlier today Henry’s ex-wife, comedienne Dawn French congratulated him on his award and joked, “I can’t believe I waited 25 years and then fucking missed it.”