Following an extended dry period, Louise Mensch has decided that it was time the world was reminded that she is in fact, still a prick.

Mensch frequently uses twitter as the mouthpiece to spread her prickish gospel, with little regard for her public image or own dignity. Mensch’s latest bout of prickishness involves her confusing the closure of Fabric with Brexit, whilst trying to take the moral high ground on another user by labelling them ageist.

This is not the first time that Mensch has publicly displayed herself as a prick. Previous incidents include cyber bullying and threatening a seventeen-year-old girl, despite the fact that bullying children hasn’t been too popular in the public eye in recent years. Calling the father of a disabled child a ‘loathsome scumbag’ for questioning the effectiveness of Jeremy Hunt as health secretary, after his son’s surgical procedure was cancelled for the second time due to overbooking and falsely insinuating that Jeremy Corbyn’s political supporters were anti-semites.

Despite the public outcry following these events, the facts currently available seem to suggest that she is still driven to remain a prick. Scientists worldwide are unable to determine how long Mensch shall remain a prick.