This is the news that a man known to be a lying bastard has proved his credentials once again by lying his way through a legal inquiry.

Warmongering former Prime Minister Tony Blair grovelled his way through the eagerly anticipated Chilcot Inquiry earlier today, before insisting that he trusted the 2003 killing of Iraqis -known to some as a “war” – would bring about democracy in Iraq – in the same way that a computer virus can be eradicated by throwing a laptop from a 4 storey window.

“I honestly believed that the intelligence we had at the time was sound and that invasion was the best solution. I now realise I was wrong”, said Blair, finally admitting what has been patently obvious for 13 years.

At the forefront of the Coalition in 2003 with George “shucks” Bush, Blair pushed for foreign intervention against Saddam Hussain, in the belief that he secretly played mother hen to a fuck off arsenal of nuclear weapons, despite it being apparent you were less likely to find WMDs in Iraq than you were to find Cherie Blair on the front cover of Zoo.

With blood on his hands, Blair pleaded for forgiveness for going down in history as Britain’s most bloodthirsty figurehead since Oliver Cromwell. But some (all) were not quite so eager to forgive.

Political nuisance George Galloway had this to say on the matter:

“Mr Blair has been lying from day one about his intentions in Iraq. He claimed he was there to dethrone Saddam when he just blindly followed Bush into an all out war. One wonders what else he has lied about down the years; are those his real ears? Is there anything between those ears? Was he ACTUALLY bothered in that shitty Comic Relief sketch?”.