A man playing the new augmented reality version of popular childhood game Pokemon has been beaten and left for dead by a bunch of Zubat.

Chris Genkins, 27, was walking through Victoria Park in Leicester playing the game when he was viciously set upon by thugs, who the game dressed as the flying type creatures.

Pokemon Go, released earlier this month to critical acclaim, allows prospective trainers to take their journey outside the realms of a handheld console. It means people can walk around, catch and battle pokemon in a real time setting.

But Chris tells us from the ICU in the Pokemon Centre that the game made the ordeal even more embarrassing for him.

“I was just walking through the park playing my game. I was in Viridian Forest, getting ready to catch a Weedle, when the guys set upon me. There were 4 or 5 of them. The game made them out to be Zubat. They beat the shit out of me and took my wallet. What hurts the most is i’m not anywhere near Mt Moon yet”.

Chris is expected to make a full recovery but Officer Jenny has told us they currently have no leads to go on.