Scott Green, a 26 year old temp worker was hired by agency to work as a reception worker for London social media marketing firm Crossface ltd only to be sent home within hours of his first shift for wearing high healed shoes.

Mr Green spoke to BFNN about the incident:

“It was ridiculous, I was wearing a smart, professional black leather court shoe with a squared toe and a 4inch heel. I was told I would have to take them off. When I said I didn’t have any other shoes with me they said I could go and buy some flat “men’s” shoes out of my own money. When I refused, they asked me to leave. I asked if the women in the office had to get rid of their heals they just laughed at me. It’s one rule for one, one rule for another. Outrageous. Next they’ll be telling me I can’t wear my latex mini-shirt to work!”

After the incident TYL informed Mr Green that he would not be returning to Crossface and found him employment with another firm the next day. TYL refused to comment on the issue claiming it had been dealt with internally. Crossface issued a statement to BFNN but declined an interview.

The statement read:

“Crossface LTD is an inclusive and diverse multimedia marketing agency. As one of the industry leaders in the field, we have very high standards of all our staff with regards to their professionalism in the workplace. We have a strict policy on dress code which Mr Green was made aware of before he started working at Crossface. Mr Green refused to meet these standards so we terminated his placement. Crossface and its management have nothing against men wearing high heels in general, however in the case, we felt Mr Green simply didn’t have the legs to pull it off.”