Theresa “Omnishambles” May has joined forces with Masters of the Universe antagonist, Skeletor, in a bid to increase her mandate.

The Conservatives failed to secure a majority in the 8th June election after Jeremy Corbyn gave them the kind of treatment May usually reserves for her local farmers’ fields. Because of this they have attempted to cosy up to each and every minor party, but it seems now her attentions have turned to the dark side…

Nemesis of He-Man and famous for his appearances in the Money Supermarket adverts, Skeletor has decided to give his glittering television career a rest to focus on politics.

May is said to be delighted with the idea of a SkeleTory union entering the Brexit negotiations and hopes that Skeletor’s experience in human extermination and conquering planets will strike a good deal with the EU.

We attempted to reach He-Man for comment but he was unavailable.