Gerry “Butterfingers” McCann has told of his delight at being ‘surprised and spoiled’ by what remains of his family on Father’s Day today.

Talking from the family home in Rothley, Leicestershire, Gerry spoke warmly of how he had been treated to a very special day by his darling wife and two children he hasn’t managed to lose yet.

“We woke up this morning and my wonderful wife had made me breakfast in bed. Then the four of us went for a stroll around our huge home that our dear Madeleine’s money has paid for. After that we went for a nice lunch in a country pub and had another walk in some gardens when that’d settled. And for dinner, Kate and I went for tapas. We even remembered to hire the babysitter this time” he added with a small laugh.

The family came under fire some years ago for funding mortgage payments on their aforementioned family home with over £1,000,000 raised to find their daughter who went “missing” while the family holidayed in Portugal resort, Praia de Luz in 2007. Since then, people have suspected the McCanns have used the search for Madeleine as a ruse to generate their fortune.

But when these claims were posed to Kate, she scoffed, saying: “Yeah we might occasionally dip into her money when we want something for ourselves; a day out; a holiday; a new house. It’s as though people think we’re somehow not entitled to this money when Gerry and I have put in all the work. We did all the searching, hired all the police officers, appeared in all the interviews, wrote the books, hired the guy to bury the bo…. ahem, you get the point. It’s ours to do what we want with”.

But despite a seemingly bottomless pit of money, it doesn’t seem to be able to return to the distraught Gerry the thing he craves above all else: his sadly lost World’s Greatest Dad mug.