Hollywood loves a plucky underdog, especially in a sports movie. Cinema classics like Rocky, Moneyball and The Mighty Ducks all rely on simple formula of overcoming unbeatable odds. With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before Tinsel-Town came knocking at the door of newly crowned Premier League champions Leicester City.

With a provisional working title “5000 to 1: The Leicester City story” Hollywood heavyweight Michael Bay has put his hat in the ring to direct. Bay is best known for high-octane action movies such as The Rock, Bad Boys and Armageddon, as well as the progressively worse Transformers franchise. In an interview today with film site MovieSnort.com Bay stated:

“Leicester FC would make a great story. Imagine feeling as though you are in the locker room with this rag-tag bunch of soccer players, going all the way to take home the gold. Then there’s a car chase and explosion in a helicopter or something.”

Despite the fact the movie is yet to be green-lit by a studio there are already rumours of big names being linked with key roles including:

Daniel Radcliffe as Jamie Vardy
Richard Gere as Claudio Ranieri
Will Smith as Wes Morgan
Chris Hemsworth as Kasper Schmeichel
And in true Hollywood white-washing style Ryan Gosling as Riyad Mahrez.

Chris Cole