Better known as the reason for all of Busted’s crusty socks in the early 2000s, Miss Mckenzie (whose first name can’t be revealed for legal and fiction based reasons) is to be questioned over allegations over grooming.

McKenzie, a former biology teacher who taught, amongst others, famous boy band Busted (you know, the one with Emma Willis’ fella in) is suspected of seducing her 15 and 16 year olds pupils throughout her career.

While not accused of having sex with her students, the thinking man’s MILF stands to be accused of inviting pupils into her home, giving them an underwear-clad show while they watched from a tree and stroking her pussy in full view of her bedroom window.

Questions were raised about her teaching methods in 2002, when she taught the Busted boys, as one student spotted her repeatedly striking Willis with a cane and then later being chased by Charlie in his underwear through a field.

Neighbours of McKenzie claim she would often have young men frequent her home as Mr McKenzie often worked out of town, before hitting local headlines in late 2002 after absconding with the boys from Busted – prompting a search party to be instructed.

We were able to catch up with James (you know, HIM) of Busted who told us that they were all enraptured by the titilating temptress when they met her, going so far to say that she was ‘what they want to school for’.