A Lincolnshire mum has spoken of her shock and outrage after her putrid offspring opened his shop-bought Kinder Egg to discover a fully functioning automatic AK-47.

Emily Jebson (27) had gifted her young son the confectionery, only to be surprised 10 minutes later when 5-year-old James sat armed with the massive-ass death machine.

Kinder Eggs are known to conceal small pre-assembled toys in a bid to lighten the desperately dark lives of the children who buy them, giving them something to distract them other than the number for children’s services.

However, questions will be asked of Ferrero, manufacturer of Kinder Surprises, as to just how lethal firearms found their way into a small container 2 inches in diameter.

Walking specimen, Jebson, remains appalled that her small child found himself in violation of Lincoln’s strict open-carry laws and believes that firmer quality control measures need to be effected to prevent future similar incidents.

“I gave Jamie (sic) the chocolate and when I next forced myself to look away from my phone he had a fucking gun! I couldn’t believe it. He’d had eggs before and the most dangerous thing that had happened to date was when he swallowed a small car. But there he was with a gun that was even bigger than him. All I can say is it must have been folded up pretty good in there!”.

As of now no deaths have been reported from Kinder related incidents although one man experienced complications after rectally-ingesting a My Little Pony model.