Junior doctors have agreed to strike on February 10th 2016 in what appears to be a dispute over less pay and more work. In an act of solidarity, MPs have agreed to work weekends, half term and the summer holidays. One career politician stated, “I cant wait to work till late evening. It will be just like Oxford when I used to finish at 11pm.”

Mr Hunt is the first Health Secretary to officially declare the NHS accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Before the Conservatives improved the NHS, people were having heart attacks and strokes on the side of the road. One woman famously gave birth at 24 hour McDonald’s because of their fast service.

In response to the pay dispute, Amazon has taken massive orders of surfboards and sun block lotions. This army of tired workers has decided the best way to tackle the matter of Mr Hunts changes is to go to STA Travel and see if they can get a huge group discount or even their own Air Bus to take them to Australia.

Responding to the forthcoming exodus of doctors to Australian beach parties, MPs have decided to work THEIR holidays and weekday evenings. One MP stated: “My wife knows where I will now be in the evenings, instead of suspecting me of partying with prostitutes. Again.”

Twenty-four year old doctor Peter Johnson, said, “With a heavy heart, I have decided to strike with my colleagues. Due to pay cuts, I will not be able to rent my flat in Mile End. I have an offer from Sydney where my hours are good, my pay is not reduced and the bacon does not come with special sauce.”

Mr Hunt refused to comment.

— Dr Richard Balls

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