Makers of Pokemon, Nintendo and Game Freak, have been forced to change the names of one of their Go characters after complaints of blasphemy arose from Muslims.

Whilst not specifically pertaining offence to Islam itself, “Alakazam” has received backlash due to the pronunciation of the name – “Allah Kazam”.

Some groups within Islam consider the naming of anything after their God to be the height of blasphemy, so have requested Alakazam to be referred to with a more religiously neutral name.

Nintendo spokesman Shinji Cunkfunker explained the decision

“We want peoples of all backgrounds and religion to be comfortable playing our games, so from now on we shall be calling the evolution of Kadabra – “Kazam”. Sure it’s not as punchy, and we debated with “Buddazam” and straight up “Jesus Spoon Loving Fuckwit” but none seemed to be as catchy as the original.

After Pokemon Go was released in July, over 50,000 signatures were received for another useless petition from concerned middle-class parents who spotted an “Al-Akazam” inside their children’s phones and were worried about their putrid offspring being radicalised over to ISIS.

No word has been received as to how Kazam has taken the news, but those around him have described his reaction as Ghastly.