American actress and singer and daughter of jazz king Frank, Nancy Sinatra has revealed to a shocked public outcry that the title and meaning to her 1966 signature tune have been greatly misinterpreted.

Popular trucker-fucking hit ‘These Boots Are Made for Walking’ has been covered a number of times since dribbling through Sinatra’s lips in the mid 60s and each artist has sang it as the “fuck you” to unfaithful ex-lovers everybody assumed it was relating to.

Now, however, the 76-year-old has released the original lyrics sheet to the song, which has revealed the original title to be “These Boots are Made for Walken” pertaining to popular cameo actor Christopher Walken.

Walken is known for his performances in The Deer Hunter and True Romance, as well his leads in Shakespeare plays. Until now though, any connection between Sinatra and himself was unknown. Nancy herself explained the song confusion to us:

“I think my accent is to blame to be honest. People heard me singing ‘Walken’ and assumed I was saying ‘walking’. Nobody back in the day knew about Christopher and I so I don’t think anyone believed me to be singing about him but those boots were originally manufactured for him. All boots are made for walking, that’s so fucking obvious”.

Sinatra went on to explain her and Walken lost touch during the early 60s, so she was unable to pass on the footwear to her former flame. Now the truth is revealed, however, she hopes Walken will make contact again to retrieve them.

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