A study released today by Facebook UK shows the demographic who comment on posts at the highest rate is grandmothers aged 60-80
Social Media commentators are alarmed by the trend and fear it may continue. Blogger Hayden McMichael of socialmediaexpertisarealthing.com said: “What’s most worrying about this study is that if trends continue at the current rate, by June 2016 every single post, status and photo will have a comment by someone’s gran. The Nans are taking over, it’s going to be Nana-geddon!”
The study also revealed other Facebook tactics used by grandmothers. Grandmas are 7 times more likely than their normal-aged counterparts to ‘like’ their own post or comment. A huge proportion of grandmas sign their own name at the end of a post.
Shockingly, 76% of all semi-inspirational quotes with a picture of a cartoon (usually Tweety Pie or a Minion) are reposted by nans.
However, the study showed that the demographic that are most likely to “like and share if you agree” a post are Granddads, especially if that post has racist undertones.
There were some discrepancies in the study as Grandmothers in Northwest towns of Warrington and St Helens behaved differently to the rest of the UK. This is most likely attributed to the fact that in these areas, a grandmother is any woman over the age of 25.