The Great British public scratched their collective heads today as it was announced that beloved Mr Bump rip-off, Miranda, IS NOT the nation’s greatest sitcom.

Miranda, which was cancelled in 2015 to widespread mourning, was unanimously tipped to sweep away competition from greatly inferior sitcoms such as Peep Show, The Thick of It and The IT Crowd.

But nobody suspected a dark horse cleverly disguised as a bumbling mess of over-subscribed Irish stereotypes to come racing through to claim the highly toted accolade.

Mrs Brown’s Boys, Ireland’s greatest export since the IRA, successfully reminded the nation why the BBC is a licensed service dedicated to providing top quality programming.

A spokesman for the team behind Miranda explained their shock at the decision and told us their certainty that they would be win the prize.

“People have loved Miranda and her kerrrraaazy hijinks since the first series aired. It struck the same chord as Mr Bean: Overly-clumsy man/woman finds him/herself in awkward situations and manages to make a mess of all of them. Usually by falling over. And the genius is that because Hart, like Rowan Atkinson, is such a fantastic actor, she barely even needed lines to draw tears from the audience. We didn’t need much of a script. People will lap anything up”.

Our interview was cut short as our interviewee announced he had to be home early in readiness for picking up his GCSE results later this week.