In a move to promote freedom of speech and bring cultures together, black and minority ethnic communities across Britain have been giving out racist joke “free passes” to their white friends.

This means that now, if a white person were to tell a joke some might consider offensive, they can legitimately say “I can’t be racist, I’ve got loads of black mates” and, with production of the Free Pass card, the joke must stand.

The news has been met very favourably with old bigoted white people. A spokesperson for the white race said “This is great news. A joke is just a joke, some people take things too seriously, I know I’m not racist, I say hello to Mr Patel down the corner shop every morning. I believe in freedom of speech, if I want to tell a joke I should be allowed to”.

The number of black friends a white person has can also determine how severe the joke can be:

1-3 black friends = Saying “I loved Samuel L Jackson in The Matrix”
3-5 black friends = Telling a joke that perpetuates the stereotype that some races have different penis sizes to others.
5-10 black friends = Rehashing your dads old jokes from the 70s/80s.
10+ black friends = The biggest racist joke of all, going on an EDL march.