The BBC have announced plans for the popular food competition to be judged by smug online food-picture-uploaders in the forthcoming series.

The eleventh series of the long-running BBC Two cookery show will hit our screens later this year, but without the familiar faces of judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode. Instead, the dishes will be judged by culinary enthusiasts who can ‘like’ images of their favourite dishes using Instagram.

The shake up is believed to be part of a cost-cutting initiative at the BBC, although the broadcasters claim they are merely utilising the vast-array of gastronomic talent and knowledge that is clearly abundant on Instagram. Greg Wallace, former greengrocer, dessert lover and general bumbling bigmouth, is believed to be ‘deeply saddened’ about being axed from the show and labelled the BBC as ‘slanderous, xenophobic, back-stabbing traitors’.

BFNN spoke to Becky, 21, a prolific Instagram food photographer, about her views of change:

“I think it’s great that gifted food-artists such as myself will have a hand-on role in the new series”

Becky, who recently uploaded a picture of a wholemeal cheese panini, believes she has what it takes to judge the aspiring chefs.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to taste the food to be an expert judge. Also, I think everyone is a little bit fed-up of the bald shouty-man anyway,” she added.

Many anticipate that Wallace and fellow-flamboyant ex-judge John Torode will return to their careers in the music industry, with a follow-up single to the smash-hit ‘Buttery Biscuit Base’ expected in the coming months.

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