The NHS has started an investigation after  pictures emerged showing medics  and youngsters , some as young as 17, at a Dorset call centre seemingly enjoying a Magaluf inspired foam party while on duty.

A ‘whistle-blower’ contacted bfnn to report that the parties were just the tip of the iceberg of chaos that reigned and that there existed a culture of nepotism, incest and absenteeism.

One onlooker told us: “It was awful. Toilet rolls everywhere, pictures of photocopied genitals on the tea and coffee cupboard, and the filing was just piling up, no one took their admin responsibilities seriously.”

The youngsters are believed to have been recruited after an informal interview over a milkshake and a portion of chips straight from school without proper training or orientation.

Patient support groups insist bosses are hiring the youngsters to meet call-answering targets, but are also convincing them that putting on a white coat and a stethoscope is a fast track route to being medically qualified and are therefore able to make critical clinically based judgements.

The 111 service has been branded ‘an overweight porpoise wheezing as its lungs collapse from overexertion” by Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander.

An urgent inspection has been scheduled for 2019 by regulator the Care Quality Commission.

A spokesman for South Western Ambulance Service Trust – which runs the 111 service in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall – said:

“The recruitment and training of all call handlers is a robust programme that is quality assured by the Trust Board. We understand that our callers may not all be happy with the level of sensitivity displayed by our staff or the quality of advice delivered but we anticipate this will be addressed through our ‘Turn that Frown Upside Down’ initiative which looks to provide a far more positive customer experience through the use of jokes, naughty limericks and impersonations”.

 A “Secret Shopper” scheme was used to call 111 the response received from Jessie H, Sixth Former was:

 “I don’t know what you’re talking about bruv, ring me later, I’m busy playing colour switch”.